I've played piano and guitar for well over 60 years, but never even touched a mandolin. Recently I became obsessed with the Mandi for some reason. My friend Carter suggested I check out the RC lineup. All I can say is WOW!  Your craftsmanship is superb and the sound is just what I was hoping it would be. I'm just now learning but my practice time is something I actually look forward to. Thanks Richard for such a sweet sounding instrument!
— Ric McGrath
Thanks Richard for an awesome instrument!  I played it in church today and it sounded great. You are THE MASTER.
— Ric McGrath
I have had the pleasure of knowing and playing music with Richard Callis for the past 10 years.  During this time I have watched as mandolins one after another have been carefully and lovingly crafted.  He would tell me that he had another one almost ready to be strung up and I would know that next week I would get to see and hear another piece of work from a master craftsman.  Each one has a different voice and look but they all share the same remarkable attention to detail.  They are very playable with good volume and tone.  The construction is rock solid and they were meant to last a lifetime or more.  I am a music player not  an instrument collector but I have a Gibson F5 mandolin that belonged to my father and was passed on to me.  It was made in the mid fifties and has been played by some very talented people with good reports about it.  I find the Callis mandolins to be equal to or superior in every respect my instrument.  If you want a unique hand crafted mandolin from an honest honorable builder at a fair price this is it.  
— Robert E. Foos, Jr.
I have been in a band with Richard for the past 7 years. Each mandolin he built was tried out on us to see what we thought about the sound. Eash one he made got better and better. Our banjo player has bought two or maybe three of his mandolins because of the sound and workman ship. To Him it has a better sound and any Gibson or other maker out there. If you want a great sounding and great looking mandolin please call him to have one made. You will not be sorry. 
— Man Milby
Richard Callis, RC Mandolins, are beautiful handmade instruments, each having their own wood & tone.  It’s hard to lay them down when you start playing.
— Roy W. Hare,
I have played a RC mandolin for several months and I highly recommend this maker to anyone. the Mandolin has great sound, great chop, beautiful finish and the action is very very nice. I have had 4 Gibson's, A12, F4, F5, F12 ( all great mandolins ) and I would put the RS up against any of them. Compared to the prices of the big name instruments, you can't beat these mandolins. This Guy does outstanding work. Five Star ***** 
— Carter Clem
Just visited Richard's shop where he creates these masterpieces! Outstanding workmanship at an incredibly reasonable price!
— Don Hurst
These mandolins are very well built and have a wonderful sound to them when played.
— Lisa Conway
R your mandolin very loud. Also do make A model
— Larry Snowden